Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A list of top 10 things that make my middle school experience a lot different then kids today...

10. I could not wear lipstick, eyeliner or mascara in the 7th grade
  9. I did not get my first relaxer until I was in 7th grade
  8. All the "fast girls" would smack  their lips when they talked
  7. There were boys who chewed tobacco and the school allowed them to hang out on the "spitting         porch" before school
  6. Teresa what's-her-face 'wanted' to fight me (we never did)
  5. The first time I remember the school talking to us about college was when the track coach who was dating a guy still in college introduced  us to Phi Slamma Jamma (UH)
  4. 9th grade was junior high
  3. Everybody could participate in whatever sport as long as you made the team
  2. The only electronic device(s) were cordless phones
  1. The parents did not act worse than the kids

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