Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a few comments before I deliver!

Wow! It has been a minute. I can't say that I have not been busy...I am just 12 days away from delivery. Yep! Checking in at 9 am, Monday, April 14, 2008 hoping that Aidan James Orion will be checking in shortly there after!

Lot's of things going on... a few comments...

Here is what What About Our Daughters has to say about the recent reported activities of 12 year old girls in Dallas....

Is Your 12 Year Old Dancing on a Pole? No way? You sure about that?
Mothers and fathers of Black America, do you know where your daughters are? Well if your daughter is a 12 or 13 year old Black girl in Dallas, Texas, she might be naked right now dancing on the stage of a strip club or turning tricks in the champagne room in the back. Sorry, again, this is not an April Fool's joke- 12 an 13 years old on the stage in Dallas, TX.

Oh yes my friends 12 and 13. Now in one case, involving the 12 year old, she was taken in by a 27 year old BLACK WOMAN when the girl ran away from home. Of course the 27 year old was a stripperhooker and took the girl down to the club to fill out and application and when the girl couldn’t figure out what year she needed to have been born in to get the “job” the strip club manager was more than happy to help her with the math. KHOU

PTFTC:(Parenting Tips From the Childless) So Black parents you may want to have the “if you ever run away from home and get taken in by a stripper chances are she is working for a PIMP and PIMPs are BAD” conversation with your daughters.

Most of you will write off the case of the 12 year old because she was a “run-away” and your preciousness would NEVER run away from home so lets talk about the 13 year old to creep all of the “good ” parents out. The 13 year-old was not a run away… she went to a sleep over at another 13 year old’s house and somehow found herself at the strip club. Now we all know the 13 year olds didn’t drive themselves to the strip club....CAN I SAY KNOW WHO YOUR KIDS ARE HANGING OUT WITH....BY THE WAY, WHEN I WAS GROWING UP, MY MOTHER NEVER, LET ME REPEAT NEVA' LET US SPEND THE NIGHT AT ANYONE'S HOUSE!
The family of a 13-year-old girl still can't understand how a sleepover at a schoolmate's house went so wrong. [um probably because you had no clue about the company your daughter was keeping]

"I just can't believe it," said the teen's grandmother, who requested that her name not be used. "She's acting like she doesn't know why she did it or why she went."
The suspect, also 13, is accused of compelling prostitution, a second-degree felony that involves causing "by any means a person younger than 17 years to commit prostitution."

When undercover officers entered Metropolis early Saturday, the 13-year-old suspect's friend approached an officer and made a deal to perform a sex act for money, police say. Both girls were then taken into custody.
"It wasn't hard to spot her as a 13-year-old kid," Sgt. Fassett said. "You just take one look at her."
Vice unit officers were at the club to investigate reports that alcohol was being served after hours. DALLAS MORNING NEWS

OBAMA....OH BOY! Let me not even begin to go there...After all, I am delivering in 12days and may not complete the post in time. All I can say is. Let's Keep Hope Alive!

Recession...Many kids today have not a clue of what that means. In spite of what George W. believes...we are a Nation in Turmoil. If I were a college student, I would stay in school and get as many degrees as I can, so when the economy does improve I will be well prepared! In the meantime, save don't spend!

Now is just as good of time as any to talk to your child. It lets them know you care about their opinion and it lets you know where their mind is. I would not trust a teacher or school system to educate my child on what is going on in the world today. Take this opportunity to shape a mind, develop critical thinkers and children who are not afraid of having an educated opinion. Many of us developed our political views and religious affiliations from our parents. And many of us went on to become individual thinkers with well educated thoughts beyond what our parents ever considered. Which one are you?

Conservative thinker of democratic parents.

Great show today on the learning styles of African American children

No. Really, why can't he Read?