Saturday, September 1, 2007

Have you thought about getting extra textbooks for you child?

What if your son or daughter had their own copy of school textbooks? That would mean never having to worry about if they brought their science book home or consequences for writing in their school issued math book. Sounds a little over zealous, but that is exactly what smart kids do! And parents of smart kids encourage this idea by seeking low cost used textbooks via online resources. This also eliminates the need for students having to carry those weighted backpacks since they will have their personal copies at home and no need to carry back and forth to school.

And since such savvy shopping practices will carry you into the college years when tuition is a fortune and personally owned textbooks are unavoidable you may want to start early by reading the article in Wall St. Journal by Michelle Slatalla who gives you several online sources for purchasing low cost textbooks!

And if you are already a college student, then save yourself a few dollars and search for the best price! I assure you, it's not at the college book store!

Seeking ways to save you money while your child earns an A!

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