Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hot Cocoa Deer! on Twitpic

The boys are co-hosting their Jack and Jill activity this weekend. They wanted to make these to go inside of the bags the kids will get as part of their Downtown Dallas Holiday Scavenger Hunt. This started out as a great idea....and ended up somewhat of a mess! But nevertheless, we did enjoy ourselves.

Hot Cocoa Deer! on Twitpic

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everywhere you go in the D-FW area there is construction. The inconvenience of a detour has caused me to think about how life is very much about changes, delays and improvements. The Brainy Quote defines Construction as
The method of construing, interpreting, or explaining a declaration or fact; an attributed sense or meaning; understanding; explanation; interpretation; sense.

Here are a few things I have realized lately about life and construction.

• Construction like life is unpredictable.
• You never know where a detour is going to take you but your final destination should not change.
• Everyone is not supposed to use the same route.
• Construction (like life changes) is not always convenient but should provide you with a better outcome.
• Construction should be well planned after some thought and consideration.
• It is hard to communicate to someone else about how to navigate construction delays. Just as it is hard to tell someone else how to navigate through their life changes.
• Sometimes major construction occurs all at the same time. (Job loss, divorce, weight gain/loss.)
• Just when you think it’s complete, there is more construction to come.
• Construction requires us to drive with caution. Life often requires living cautiously.
• Construction never seems to be complete. We should always seek to improve our lives.
• You are expected to check your route in advance for delays. No one is obligated to tell you when the road ahead may be closed.
• Everyone does not always agree with the timing of construction.

It is at any given point in our lives that we may find ourselves under major construction. There may be some things going on in our life that cause us to proceed with caution; forcing us to heed the warnings of the detour signs. At the end of construction, there should be notable improvements. Our life should be wider, our roads should be smoother, and our journey should be ours. When there are no roadblocks in sight, that doesn’t mean there may not be delays ahead. It just means that we have what we need to navigate the turns, the yields, the merges and the stops. I’ve noticed that just like construction, everyone around you should notice the changes. Everyone should see the improvements you have made. There are things that happen on the roads that require needed improvements. Rain, heat or snow may leave roads damaged and daily living may require repairs in your life. The construction around the Metroplex makes me wonder, what changes or improvements are needed in my life. Which roads should I repair, and which lanes should I widen? And, if I start to think that all is well, I stop and think about the parts of town or roads that have not been under construction---people tend to avoid those areas. Who wants to drive their new car on an old raggedy road?

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