Friday, October 12, 2007

Black kids don't shoot up schools?

Okay, I apologize for being asleep. But the sleeping mom has awakened and I have thoughts!

How many of you never questioned the race of the gunman in the Cleveland, SuccessTech shooting?

How many of you assumed that because the victims were black, the students at the school were black, the gunman was black?

How many of you assumed that all though the victims/students were black, the gunman was white?

How many of you never thought about it?

I, made the assumption that because the victims were black, the students on the news were black, that the gunman was...well, that's it, I don't know what I thought, because when I really thought about it, I realized, that historically, Black kids don't go around shooting up schools. So then and only then did I think, oh my God! The kid was white! Hmmm...Let's see how this plays out. A white kid, described as sullen, “Gothic” in style and prone to wearing long trench coats and painting his fingernails black. In calls to 911, students described Asa Coon as 5 foot 5, white and “kind of chubby.” It has also been reported that he was an atheist who was often ridiculed by other students. Again, I say, let's watch to see how this unfolds...

My early morning thoughts are that mainstream media may try and paint him as a 'victim'. What makes me think that? How many of you saw a picture of Mr. Coon splashed across your TV screen?

There is no doubt Asa Coon stood out among his peers. Obviously, the students at the school found no reason to take his frequent rants seriously, nor did administrators. As a parent and educator, I feel we need to ask more questions. For example, where did a suicidal white kid with a history of mental illness who refuses to take his medicine get 2 handguns, a .38 and a .22 caliber? My second question is, why is it that when such an incident occurs more than likely the gunman will not be black? And finally, surely his mother knew this kid needed help.

Here's what I know for sure, as parents, we need to keep our kids covered in prayer.

Mom who is praying for their protection, peace and preparation!

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