Sunday, February 19, 2012

I never did like Barbie nor did I ever want to be her

What the hell? Yep, I said it.  WTH is Mattel thinking?  What message are they sending to our girls? They can be anything they want to be...including white, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a body that is algebraically deformed.  I am utterly disappointed in McDonald's but not surprised.  On their behalf, I have already drafted a statement for them to release to the media:

McDonald's apologizes for the recent lapse in judgment.  It was not our intent to offend or suggest that all little brown girls should dream to become little ugly white girls. McDonald's has always been supportive of the black community and continue to attract little brown children with our cheap toys that end up on the floorboards of cars up and down MLK Blvd. We stand by our commitment to be a prevailing source of obesity and many other childhood illnesses including significant damage to self-esteems.  We are currently in the process of reviewing internal locus of control to insure that the head of McDonald's is apprised of any media campaigns intended to perpetuate the supremist attitude conveyed in this message. Additionally, we have hired a diversity coordinator to train our employees  on cultural sensitivity and assure  our customers that this will not happen again in the near future. As an indication of our sincerity, we will now offer chocolate ice cream cones with every happy meal purchased.

How’s that?  I would also like to think that I could implement a complete boycott of all McDonald’s stores.  But where would my boys get their weekly supply of saturated fats? Wait…didn’t we boycott Pappadeaux’s some years ago?

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