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Your child does not have to remain in a failing school!

Okay my friends and family! I have had quite a few calls/emails on this subject recently so here it is...Most states have 2 accountability systems. Texas has state accountability (TAKS) and Federal Accountability (AYP). Federal accountability is determined by the TAKS scores of a number of student groups.

As the parent/guardian of a child who is "preparing to succeed" here is what you should know:

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) — This is the term No Child Left Behind uses to explain that your child's school has met state reading and math goals. Your school district's report card will let you know whether or not your child's school has made AYP.

Under the 2001 No Child Left Behind law, Adequate Yearly Progress, known as AYP, measures improvements made by subgroups of students, such as African American, Hispanics, LEP, Economically Disadvantage, Special Ed. and LEP in the areas of math and reading.

Public School Choice:(also known has you have a right to move your child out of a 'failing' school) No Child Left Behind allows you to transfer your child to another public school if the state says that your child's school is "in need of improvement." If the school your child attends fails to meet its AYP goal for two consecutive years, it goes into Stage 1 of school improvement. If your child's school is in this stage, you may choose to send your child to another school in the district as long as it is not in any stage of school improvement.

If all schools in your district fail to meet AYP, then you may send your child to a school in another school district including an "open enrollment" charter school. The school is legally responsible to notify parents of their AYP status in time for parents to make a decision prior to the school start date. Some districts may not make cooperative agreements with other districts which may prevent parents from exercising this option under the NCLB. However, you as the parent need to be proactive and persistent and request that the school make a cooperative agreement with another school or allow you to select your own. Additionally, they are required to either transport the child or reimburse you the cost for transporting your child. In 2006-2007, less than 10% of parents exercised their right for school choice!

Now, if your child transfers to a 'better' school, your child may stay there until he or she completes the highest grade in that school. Your sending school will provide transportation to the school you have chosen until the sending school raises its AYP rate to an acceptable level. However, if your child prefers to remain at the new school instead of going back to their home school, you are then responsible for transporting your child.

Extra Help with Learning: No Child Left Behind may also provide your child with free tutoring and extra help with schoolwork if the state says your child's school has been "in need of improvement" for at least 2 years. This extra help is often referred to as Supplemental Educational Services. Contact your child's school district to find out if your child qualifies. In 2006-07 less than 10% of parents took advantage of this offer! (What is the definition of success? When preparation meets opportunity! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES!!)

Supplemental Services include things like: Free Tutoring, After-school Programs, Summer School Etc. If your Title 1 School fails to reach its AYP goal for three years, your school should provide supplemental services to the children remaining there. You may choose a tutor, or other service provider, from a state approved list. The state will ensure that all providers on this list have a history of success. Children will receive these services at no cost. The district may give preference to the lowest achieving children in the lowest income families who request supplemental services. Be sure that if the school offers to provide tutoring instead of an outside entity they must appear on the state approved list.

And finally, No Child Left Behind requires schools to develop ways to get parents more involved in their child's education and in improving the school.

Have you contacted your child's school to see how you get in involved in insuring that your child succeeds?

Not a parent left behind!

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